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Welcome to Ameek Press, home of my publishing company.

My name is Stephen D'Amico. I'm a contemporary spiritual teacher and the author of two books about enlightenment. When I was 22, I went through a profound spiritual transformation that culminated in a permanent realization of my true nature. Since then my life has been devoted to guiding others on the path in order to accelerate the spiritual evolution of humanity. Anytime a person awakens anywhere on the planet, the energetic vibration of human consciousness as a whole is raised and the likelihood of a collective awakening is heightened.

Learn Liberating Secrets

I wrote these books for spiritual seekers and adepts alike. They contain methods I personally discovered probing my own being and consciousness. Some of these ways have never been revealed before so you won’t find them anywhere else. I’ve refined these methods for over a decade working with people from all walks of life. The result is a set of powerful techniques that can dramatically boost your spiritual growth.

Activate Your Awakening

My books can quicken your awakening in another way. Readers regularly report heightened states of awareness while reading them. This activation continues as long as you follow my advice—or any other approach that leads to liberation. Once you understand what’s necessary and work at it, your spiritual essence will keep emerging until you’re living from your true nature, always. Beyond that, or if you’ve already had an awakening, my books can help you integrate your true nature more fully, as well as broaden your horizons to include spiritual dimensions of reality and metaphysical abilities you may not even be aware of yet.

Become Egoless Awareness

If you're longing for a breakthrough, pick up a copy of one or both my books today. Either one will open you up spiritually and give you some of the most advanced tools and techniques I know of to propel your awareness beyond ego, ultimately, to support the collective awakening of humanity and the shift towards a positive, more enlightened future. Don’t leave this world without reaching your full potential and attaining the most important goal in life—discovering who and what you really are as a spiritual being.

“There is a power or energy borne of Stephen’s awakening that comes through his writing.”
—Rachel Heal
“Just thinking back to the time I spent reading your autobiography puts me in a higher state of mind.”
—Amy Taylor
“You’re autobiography actually delivered on what you suggested was possible. It opened me up spiritually through some kind of mystical literary alchemy.”
—Sameer Haque
“If you are truly receptive while reading these books, glimpses of the higher states of awareness described are often experienced.”
—Jen Manuel
“Read and re-read these books to absorb the enlightening wisdom in them. Perfect for anyone seeking grounded spiritual guidance.”
—Sue Deacon
“I never thought that a book could be so helpful in my search for enlightenment!”
—Aaron Nussbaum
“Your books have the potential to help so many people!”
—Warren Olynyk
“Read Stephen’s books. Then meet him if you can. I recommend it wholeheartedly!”
—Sandy Wallace
“Stephen operates at a very high level of vibration. Things often become clearer just by being in his presence.”
—Bonnie Pedota
“Stephen’s presence alone was enough to trigger my own discovery of True Nature.”
—Neil Jalaldeen

Look Inside

The Incredible State of
Absolute Nothingness

A Personal Account of Spiritual Enlightenment

Part exposé and part how-to manual, this absorbing autobiography takes you on an amazing journey of exploration and discovery, sharing several spiritual practices along the way, including a powerful method to channel enlightening energies into the world. 192 pages

Look Inside

Heaven On Earth

A Guide to Enlightenment & Human Unity

This inspiring guidebook starts with a sweeping tour of the various paths to enlightenment found in all the world's major religions, illuminates the collective awakening currently underway, and explains how you can assist this global shift by reconnecting with the unifying ground of your own being. 112 pages

Praise for

The Incredible State of Absolute Nothingness

"The Incredible State of Absolute Nothingness is the work of a contemporary spiritual master, one of those extremely gifted mystics that comes along maybe once in a generation."

John Paul Gunn

"This book has a presence, it has an effect — perhaps the best way to describe it is that it is 'psychoactive.' The X on the cover is very powerful indeed."

John N. Inglis
Artist & Author, In Quest of a Countenance

"I highly recommend The Incredible State of Absolute Nothingness if you're interested in reading about the journey to Enlightenment by a true spiritual teacher. This book radiates spiritual energy to the reader from the pages."

Claire Elek
Professional Artist

"The Incredible State of Absolute Nothingness is a fascinating read. Stephen D’Amico’s journey has intersected with practically every spiritual technology and category out there. Read it and find out how deep the human mind can go. This is a rare and wonderful book!"

Jeff Warren
Author, The Head Trip

"A truly fascinating and honest account of a life affected deeply by Spirit. The descriptive language that Stephen has so eloquently honed helps to unfold this autobiographical journey in ways that transcend many other accounts of enlightenment I've read."

Carson Foster

"This book gives some very clear signposts for those of us on the spiritual path. I've read many of the same insights elsewhere; however, Stephen has integrated all these insights as different aspects or stages of one spiritual journey, which is amazing. I’m sure the world will benefit from this book."

Dashen Kamalanathan
Coordinator, Zeitgeist Toronto

Praise for

Heaven On Earth

"A spiritual author whose writing connects with the reader in such a way that can only be described as a uniquely felt 'one on one' experience. The essence of Stephen's thoughts and inner being leap off the page!"

Janice Chronis
Calgary, Alberta

"The information in this book makes it possible for people to let go of religious differences and of old ways of thinking about spirituality based on egotism, fear, and greed. People travel to the Himalayas to find a Master; here we have One in Toronto!"

Dilip Kumar
Managing Director, MD Group

"Heaven on Earth is very comprehensive. Stephen has packed a lot of goodies into a little book and kept it simple and interesting. Highly recommended to others either on the path or who are searching."

Susan Hilton
Meditation Teacher

"Your writing is a pleasure to read — poetically to the point."

Lynne Brooks
Reiki Master

"Heaven On Earth was the first spiritual book I read that I could actually get into."

Dave Scholten
Singer/Songwriter, Acres and Acres

"This book is destined to become a classic. It is a book whose time has come. It is a message from the very light of heaven. Everyone needs to read this book!"

Pauline Bouey
Holistic Entrepreneur